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Zeiss Gradal Top

For intermediate and short-range focus difficulty associated with aging, there's no better choice than Gradal® Top premium progressives which provide perfect vision all day long, indoors and out. Your patients will enjoy comfortable, natural vision from the outset with no adaptation delays or conspicuous rocking or swimming effects. Choose from a huge variety of high-tech materials, including the super-light and slim 1.67 Super Hi-Index plastic. The outstanding design of Gradal® Top out-performs all other multifocal and progressive lenses on the market.

Gradal® Top Benefits

  • Extremely gentle transitions: the eyes glide smoothly and comfortably from the distance to the near zone.
  • Fully aspheric lens surface reducing distortions and astigmatism and resulting in thinner and flatter lenses.
  • Up to 33% wider progressive zone guaranteeing rapid adaptation and outstanding wearing comfort.
  • Extremely wide near zone and low fitting height suits fashionable small frames without compromising near vision.
  • Patented Horizontal Symmetry guaranteeing optimum binocular vision and identical visual impressions.
  • Variable Inset ensuring optimum correspondence of the fields of view.
  • Optimally adapted to the physiology of vision for a new dimension in visual comfort from day one.


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