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Zeiss Gradal Individual & Short I

No two patients are ever alike. That's why Carl Zeiss developed breakthrough technology that creates a premium progressive lens for each individual patient. Gradal® Individual allows you to incorporate new measurements for truly individualized lenses. Plus, two channel lengths, with fitting heights starting at 15 mm, enable you to deliver perfect vision, individualized comfort and patient satisfaction.

Traditional progressive lens base curves are calculated on averages, and if a patient's distinct requirements fall beyond this range, and most do, vision is compromised. ZEISS Gradal®Individual progressives leave base curve technology behind and give you the opportunity to offer true custom designed lenses.

Optical Superiority, Made to Order
For the first time ever, the Rx, PD, back vertex distance, pantoscopic angle, frame dimensions and actual near working distance may all be incorporated in the design of each lens for each patient - all but eliminating astigmatic errors. The benefits:

New lens availability includes:

  • clearest and widest distance portion
  • dramatic improvements in intermediate and near zones, both in visual acuity and wider fields of vision
  • even greater improvements for patients whose individual measurements deviate from the average.


Gradal® Individual progressives still outperform all other traditional PAL's on the market only using the Rx and PD.

No matter what your patient's individual needs, Gradal® Individual progressives allow you to offer a new degree of perfection.

One Incredible Technology, Two Superb Options
The Gradal® Individual difference is dramatic, and Carl Zeiss lets you offer it in two versions for even more flexibility.

The Gradal® Individual features a minimum fitting height of 18 mm and will accommodate patients who prefer traditional frame sizes.

With an amazingly low fitting height of 15 mm, the short corridor Gradal® Short i delivers perfect progressive vision in today's fashionable smaller frames.

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