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Zeiss Gradal Brevity

The small lens with big options.

160 Years of ZEISS Technology in 16mm.

Gradal® Brevity, the short-corridor progressive lens from ZEISS, packs superior technology in fitting heights as low as 16mm. Gradal® Brevity offers your patients all the benefits of renowned ZEISS Gradal® progressives in lenses that are now specifically designed for today’s smaller frame fashions. Effortless adjustment with smooth, comfortable transitions from far to near. Thinner, flatter, virtually distortion-free lenses. Horizontal Symmetry guaranteed. And a world of brand new styling options, thanks to Gradal® Brevity’s short progressive zone.

Brevity means short lenses, wide options.

Style options for your patients. Practical options for you. Meet the needs of virtually every presbyopic patient with Gradal®Brevity – available in a wide range of materials and compatible with all ZEISS coatings including Super ET®, Carat®, Carat Advantage® and Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses.

New lens availability includes:

  • Gradal Brevity 1.5
  • Gradal Brevity 1.59 Polycarbonate
  • Gradal Brevity 1.59 Transitions® V Gray
  • Gradal Brevity 1.67
  • Gradal Brevity 1.67 Transitions® V Gray


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