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Varilux Physio 360

VARILUX® PHYSIOTM changed progressive vision forever. With patented W.A.V.E TechnologyTM, VARILUX has adapted the wavefront technology used in laser surgery to improve vision by detecting and eliminating surface aberrations to literally correct distortion in progressive lenses.

With W.A.V.E Technology, VARILUX engineers can now measure an entire beam of light entering the pupil rather than just a single ray. This way they can correct the distortions that occur in each specific visual area and fully optimize the lens, providing unsurpassed progressive performance.

Today, VARILUX PHYSIO 360° takes innovative design further still to maximize vision potential for all wearers.

With Point-by-Point Prescription MappingTM, VARILUX PHYSIO 360° uses a proprietary computersimulation to map the backside design for each individual prescription so that it perfectly aligns with the front side VARILUX® PHYSIOTM design. The patented 360° Digital SurfacingTM process then applies the design with absolute precision, no matter how complex.

This truly integrated lens eliminates distance prescription effects found in traditional progressive lenses to deliver the optimal VARILUX PHYSIO design for every patient, regardless of VARILUXPHYSIO360°:

  • Enhances all fields of vision
  • Preserves the integrity of the progressive design for all prescriptions to deliver optimized optics
  • Maintains the wavefront through the back of the lens for optimal sharpness


VARILUX PHYSIO 360° takes W.A.V.E. TechnologyTM even further with Point-by-Point Prescription MappingTM. By precisely aligning the back of the lens with the front, VARILUX PHYSIO 360°:

  • Optimizes sharpness for every patient
  • Enhances fields of vision
  • Preserves the integrity of the VARILUX PHYSIO design no matter how complex the prescription
  • Delivers a level of accuracy and precision not possible with traditional surfacing
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