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Hi Index

These days, eye glasses are no longer just a necessity, they are a fashion statement. People have come to the realization that just because your eye sight is not 100% does not mean that you have to sacrifice a sense of style. In fact, glasses have become such a popular accessory that many people wear them with weak or non-existent prescriptions. Unfortunately, not all of us are that lucky and most people who wear glasses do need very strong prescriptions. That said, the thick Coke-bottle-esque lenses are anything but flattering to the face. This often causes the wearer to feel old and possible act that way, but that does not have to be the case.

With recent advances in technology and eye wear, an alternative to those cumbersome glasses is now available. High index lenses are the lightest frames available and often recommended for those people who need very strong prescriptions for astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. The most popular ones are 1.67 or 1.74 high index lenses, but what does that mean?

The first question you should answer for yourself is, “When should I consider high index lenses at all?” A few things you should think about are:

1. If your prescription is below +1.00 or above -2.00 then maybe you should wait as you will not notice much of a difference.

2. If your prescription falls outside the range above, then your glasses are probably feeling heavy on your face and you should start to consider high index lenses as an option.

3. High index lenses can sometimes have a greater possibility of reflection and light discoloration and a rainbow effect. If you do not need the high index lenses then maybe you should wait in order to avoid this possibility.

4. If you are an active person then maybe wait to get the high index lenses. While there are countless benefits, they can sometimes be more fragile and might not be the best when biking or playing basketball.

There are some fundamental differences that impact the type of high index lens you should get after deciding to go that route. The two most popular types are below.

*** 1.67: Best for prescriptions of +/- 3.00, these lenses will be up to 1/3 thinner than the regular lens made out of plastic.

*** 1.74: Best for stronger prescriptions of +/- 5.00 and above, these lenses are the thinness and lightest option for high prescriptions and are as much as 1/2 the thickness of standard lenses.

There are plenty of perks to wearing high-index lenses with anti-reflective coating. High-index lenses are a fantastic choice when they are paired with anti-reflective coating as you can see from these benefits:

Increases Durability: Anti-reflective coating on high-index lenses helps make your eyewear more durable by increasing its resistance to environmental and physical factors.

Improves Nighttime Clarity: Our visual performance lowers at night, making driving at night to be more dangerous. Every boost of clarity—no matter how small—helps when it comes to nighttime driving. No matter how often you drive at night, AR-coated lenses on high-index lenses should be given serious consideration.

Less Distractions: That annoying reflection causing ghost images to appear in your vision can be incredibly distracting.

Reduces Eyestrain: Anti-reflective coatings on high-index lenses reduce eyestrain by improving your vision so that your eyes don’t have to work as hard.

Focus on Eyes, Not Lenses: AR-coated lenses have the effect of making high-index lenses appear invisible, allowing people to see your eyes rather than your lenses. Having a visible glare on your lens can be distracting for you and others as well.

Reduces Glare On Other Objects: Not only do AR-coatings on high-index lenses help reflect glare off your lenses, but it also reflects the glare from objects like your computer screen or car lights.


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